Who we are – All India Institute of Job and Training, or simply AIIJT in short, is not just a name, nor are we just another training institute. What we are is the bridge between today and a bright future.

We are a very strong and well-qualified team comprising of MCA and MTech degree holders, with more than 8 years of teaching experiences in the IT industry; as well as a group of industry experts who take classes from time to time. Some of our industry experts are abroad and are available through video conferencing or Skype calls.

Whose is it for, and what is it about?

We are targeting final year MCA (Master of Computer Applications) students. Unfortunately, we are in this age where supply exceeds demands – there are just so many MCAs everywhere. After all the hard work – let alone the time and money spent – unless you have good influence and money you will not land a good job just like that. The sad fact is that times have changed now and a mere degree is nothing in this age; so that’s where we come in. We understand the need for that extra finishing touch which will make THE difference between a good career and a normal one. We understand that what you need is not only theoretical knowledge, but real life experiences on live projects so as to be well-equipped for real jobs of today.

How important is it to stand out from the many candidates in this competitive age? We will help you realise and achieve this by using our tailored/custom-made guidance solely focussed on your needs.

What makes us different?

We provide a very unique solution to our students. We do this by using a unique combination of giving you a specific training from our industry experts, coupled with interview practices, and assessing areas of improvement. In addition, we give 6 months industry training on live projects and real-time job assistance.

In order to make sure each individual’s need is met, we choose a small group of ONLY 35 students, on a first come first served basis.

Beyond the course, we will also help you with personality development and will provide general career counselling.

Some of the highlights of our Teaching Methodology

  1. Tests/Assessments – so that we can know your areas of improvements.
  2. Providing feedback and offer our expert advice based on your Test answers and results.
  3. Helping you with course selection.
  4. Preparation for Interviews by giving you mock interviews to fix any short comings.
  5. Project allocation with Mentor (technology expert with at least 5 years of experience).
  6. For live projects, you will be grouped into 5 to 7 students and will be assigned a project lead. Project leads are the industry experts who will help you with the projects.
  7. Company visits will be part of the course.

After the course:

Once you finished the project and training, we will provide you the 6 months project certificate; help you with documentation and presentation and equip you with personality development, interview preparation, and technical written paper practices.

Most importantly, we will arrange for interviews with different companies. We have collaborations with many companies and therefore guarantee you 100% job placement!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top quality knowledge and learning to our students. The sole aim is to equip them to take on a real job as soon as they complete their MCA. We are particularly keen on bridging the gap between a theoretical and experience-less graduate and an industry-experienced professional by providing all the know-hows and real -time practical training as is possible.

We choose the curriculum and course materials after intensive research and study so that it can be easily grasped by students of all levels and prepare them for the ultimate test of their careers.

The vision of the institute is to be THE ultimate institute that delivers the mission with utmost efficiency.